C and C and Filiera Veneta

February 2016

C and C engineering architecture has founded Filiera Veneta, a network of associations, with the following companies: Colorificio San Marco spa, Copertekno srl, GSE srl, Il Prato, Ranzato Impianti spa, So.Co.Met spa and Alluminio&Vetro srl.

Our Network Contract stipulates the development and management of collaborative projects dedicated to the construction and renovation of equipment used in the tourism-accommodations sector for the specific purpose of building facilities that are innovative in terms of sustainability with particular focus upon safeguarding the environment, improving the quality of living space, reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency as well as reducing and managing waste.

The Contract also includes the possibility of participating and developing initiatives and projects that might not be directly related to the tourism sector but would offer a chance for the network to broaden its proficiency and know-how.

Filiera Veneta’s maiden project is in collaboration with the Economy Department of Ca’ Foscari University: developing market research regarding the propensity towards innovation of tourist facilities in Italy’s Triveneto region.