C and C and the removal of Lorenzo Quinn's "Support"

Venezia, May 1st-9th, 2018

At the beginning of May, the most famous sculpture of Venice in the period 2017-2018 was removed,  despite many citizens had asked to leave it in front of Ca 'Sagredo.

The C and C study oversaw the process of removal, working closely with all the parties involved in the project (direction of Ca 'Sagredo Hotel, artist, Halcyon Gallery, gondoliers of the Santa Sofia Ferry, transporters, lighting technicians and teams work involved in the operation, traffic police, municipal offices and Soprintendenza).

The artist Lorenzo Quinn proposed to donate the sculpture to the city of Venice - perhaps the "big hands" will reappear in the Lagoon ....

Lorenzo Quinn's "Support" removal | C and C architettura ingegneriaLorenzo Quinn's "Support" removal | C and C architettura ingegneria