Fondamenta Novissima at the headquarters of the Order of Engineers of Venice

October 30th, 2018

At the headquarters of the Order of Engineers of Venice, a study meeting was held for our project Fondamenta Novissima, with the aim of illustrating the four areas of action of the “Fondamenta Novissima” project (Environment and social relations, Accessibility and paths, Energy and clean air, Residence and housing). In-depth analyses were carried out on the technical aspects of the project, on the need for local institutions to identify “areas for action” of limited size where new solutions and technologies could be experimented with and on the dimension of interaction with citizens and stakeholders: a specific action model was proposed for this last aspect of the Fondamenta Novissima project.


In addition to the Technical Director of C and C, Fulvio Caputo, who was present as a designer and as vice president of Filiera Veneta, the speakers who participated in the study day included:

- Nicoletta Caputo, Designer, who studies the management of participatory processes in the building and urban planning sectors
- Danilo Gerotto, Director of “Development of the Area and Sustainable City”, City of Venice
- Giovanni Pellegrini, Film director
- Corrado Poli, University lecturer, expert in urban geography, columnist and journalist
- Maurizio Pozzato, President of the Collegio Ingegneri Venezia
- Sebastiano Pulina, CEO of INGEMAR S.p.A.
- Andrea Razzini, Director-General of Veritas S.p.A.
- Marco Telesforo, General Manager of Simun Consulting Srl

pdf icon You can download the publication that contains the speeches of all the speakers (Italian only).