Idee, progetti, restauri 1999 - 2009

(Ideas, projects, restoration 1999-2009)

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti
Palazzo Loredan, Venice
18th April – 20th October 2009

Designed by C & C, the exhibition has the objective of explaining the works created by the Istituto Veneto from 1999-2009 to the visitors.

The solutions for the design and their application for the purchase of the Warehouse at the Zattere, the innovative restoration of Palazzo Franchetti, the book deposit in Mestre, and the restoration of Casa Minich and Palazzo Loredan are all explained with visual supports, creating a ‘manifesto’ of the culture and techniques of restoration ‘à la C&C’.

Those visiting the exhibition will be able to admire the new arrangement of the nineteenth-century collection of the sixty historical busts known as the Panteon Veneto.
This is just one of the many themes of the office’s project. In this case, the objective was to enhance and make topical the historical collection. To make this possible, we changed the traditional arrangement of the busts and the colours of the architecture, housing them in a theatre-like wing, illuminated with sophisticated projectors to create the illusion of a new dialogue between ancient Sages.

Tapiro Camplani+Pescolderung were in charge of the graphic design and exhibition arrangement.

Studio C and C | New arrangement of the "Panteon Veneto" in Palazzo Loredan