Malga dell'Alpinismo (Mountaineering Hut)

Outfitting project, concept of museum display, art work for educational-scientific equipment

Chiusaforte (Province of Udine), Italy, 2013
Intended use: museum-halls
Client: Municipality of Chiusaforte
Status: completed

The outfitting for these halls-museum dedicated to the great mountaineer Ignazio Piussi and mountain climbing in the Julian Alps involved two original features.

The area reserved to guests at the malga (a guesthouse that sleep six plus kitchen) is connected to the two halls hosting the outfitting so that the tourists can “live” with Piussi’s accomplishments.

The second feature revolves around the material used: the outfitting, furniture, panelling and prints are all in cardboard. The intrinsic traits of this material (eco-compatibility, environmentally friendly and recyclable) are shared with the philosophy of those who love the mountains.

The outfitting is made up of a series of educational and photographic panels on the subject of mountain climbing in the Julian Alps and the life and ventures of Ignazio Piussi.

The exhibit is developed through four niches dedicated to his feats: the things he used to accomplish his endeavours are found in these four areas – equipment, clothing, maps as well as other material collected.

Displayed items and the historical-critical and documentary equipment were provided by Ignazio’s son Alessandro Piussi. Outfitting was created by M.C sas / Massimiliano Micoli & C. on the blueprint designed by the C and C architettura ingegneria srl.

C and C - Malga dell'Alpinismo, Chiusaforte (UD)C and C - Malga dell'Alpinismo, Chiusaforte (UD) - internoC and C - Malga dell'Alpinismo, Chiusaforte (UD) - particolareC and C - Malga dell'Alpinismo, Chiusaforte (UD) - interno