"Support", Lorenzo Quinn's installation

Drafting and submission of authorizing documents, installation works direction, lighting design project management

Canal Grande/Ca' Sagredo Hotel, Venezia, Italia, 2017
Intended use: temporary installation
Stage: completed
Cliente: Ca' Sagredo Hotel

Two monumental hands, emerging from the water as if supporting the building on the Grand Canal, to symbolize the role people have to play in supporting the unique heritage of Venice.


The left hand has a total weight of 2,303 kg and a height of 8.05 m at level 0 of mean sea level while the right hand has a weight of 1,943 kg and a height of 5.98 m at level 0 of mean sea level.


The weight of the hands is entirely supported by the foundation piles created for the project developed by C and C, which perform the task of supporting the load component under compression and under traction.


The Public Administration required illumination of the installation for reasons of safety of navigation along the Grand Canal. To meet this requirement and at the same time to respect the plastic and textural characteristics of the work of art, we opted for a system where the light descends from above and therefore extends the effect of daylight, avoiding presenting the work differently when under artificial illumination.


Our team also supervised the installation stage of the sculpture, taking into account the need to avoid as far as possible any disruption to transportation along the Grand Canal, without interfering with the nearby ACTV landing stage of Ca’ d'Oro and obviously ensuring the protection of the historic building facing the sculpture.


The process of drafting the technical and administrative documents submitted to the City Council and the Sopraintendenza (artistic heritage authority) for the approval of the installation was particularly demanding. As was the work of coordinating with the Gondola Authority to move some of the gondola berths in front of Ca’ Sagredo.

See also, in the "Events" part, the installation, vernissage and removal.


C and C Project Management Team
Architect Fulvio Caputo (Technical Director)
Architect Pierluigi Claudino (Project Leader)
Engineer Marco Zanon (Structural Engineer)
Surveyor Davide Cassandro (Safety Superintendent)


Companies involved:
Rein (installation and logistics)
ST technical services (installation and pontoons)
Geopali (foundation piles)

Support, Lorenzo Quinn | C and C architettura ingegneria Support, Lorenzo Quinn | C and C architettura ingegneriaSupport, Lorenzo Quinn | C and C architettura ingegneriaSupport, Lorenzo Quinn | C and C architettura ingegneria