Vittoria Polese

Vittoria Polese was born in Merano (province of Bolzano) on 31 December 1971. She earned her degree in Architecture at the University of Venice (IUAV) in 1997 presenting a thesis entitled “Soundscape. Contributo per la formazione di un lessico per la sonorità” urbana(“Soundscape. Contribution for the development of a lexicon for urban sonority”) under the supervision of Professor Bernardo Secchi and received her license to practice the same year.

From 1997 to 1998 she participated on a research project with the IUAV History Department centred on training, education and the profession of architect in Europe financed by a Spanish academy and sponsored by the European Union.

In 1998, Polese took part in an internship that focused upon surveying and identifying the soundscape of Padua’s hospital area as part of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipality of Padua and the Venice University of Architecture.

In 1999, the Municipality of Bolzano assigned her the role of junior curator for the International Contemporary Art Expo’s Art in Space exhibit designed by Professor E. L. Francalanci. Her tasks included editing an essay entitled “Dietro lo specchio” (“Behind the Mirror”) in three different languages.

In 1999, Polese also specialized in the critical reading and translation of three previously unpublished texts by German architect Rudolf Schwarz (1897 – 1961) - ‘RudolfSchwarz, Architekt einer anderen Moderne’ and ‘Mensch und Raum, Das Darmstädter Gespräch’ – as part of the IUAV History Department Research.

She has been collaborating with the C and C Studio since 2000 as designer, assistant supervisor and maintenance coordinator.