We design to give a future to the architecture of the past

We founded the engineering company in 1999 with the objective of combining respect for architecture of the past with the need to make it functional for contemporary usage.

Venice proved to be a privileged working place, because the survival of its historical palaces has been - and today is - mostly linked to their attitude to host ew functions. In Venice we have developed operative tools and modes to grasp the potential of the historical buildings and find equilibrium with the clients' needs.

The experience that we have acquired in Venice has been applied to other contexts in Italy, mainly in the north-eastern part of the country.

Two are the main focuses of our modus operandi: the philological restoration of formal and constructive characteristics - including the conservation and restoration of original materials and the use of both traditional and innovative techniques; the addition of all modern technological equipment necessary for work and live today, carefully designed and arranged so as not to interfere with the building's historical and artistic identity.

Over the past few years, we have taken on exhibit-related issues such as the use of historically relevant buildings to host artistic events open to the public, outfitting both permanent and temporary shows (museums and exhibitions). The main focuses of our projects are the lighting design and the use of unconventional materials to create custom-made solutions for public and private audiences and investors.

We are sensitive to the issue of sustainability and have worked hard to design solutions that are compatible to and respectful of the environment. We have encountered many “travel companions” along this noble path and have founded a network of associations with those who are particularly committed to the question of sustainability.

This network is called "Filiera Veneta" and it is specifically designed to develop and manage projects dedicated to the construction and renovation of equipment used in the tourism-accommodations sector. Specific attention is paid to safeguarding the environment, improving the quality of living space, reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency.   

Lorenzo Quinn's "Support", vernissage. Photo: W.Speranzoni |C and C architetturaForte Col Badin - MGGM, vernissage | C and C architettura ingegneriaEnd of works in Palazzo Loredan | C and C architettura ingegneriaEnd of works in Palazzo Franchetti | C and C architettura ingegneriaEnd of works in Artigianelli Complex | C and C architettura ingegneriaEnd of works in Artigianelli Complex | C and C architettura ingegneriaEnd of works in Salorno Castle | C and C architettura ingegneria