Faeit Lab/Home of the Associations, Artegna (UD)

Restauro, ri-funzionalizzazione, adeguamento tecnologico

Artegna (Udine), 2015
End use: Health centre, auditorium and headquarters of local voluntary associations
Surface area: 896 square metres of covered area, 3 floors
Assignment: Preliminary project and technical feasibility study completed
Client: City of Artegna (Udine)

The building, designed in the early 70s, is located to the north east of Artegna, in a recently enlarged area that comprises many public services and facilities, such as the Town Council, the Post Office, a school complex, a theatre and library.


The architectural structure is compact, on trapezoid foundations, with two access points and an accessible ramp in the interior courtyard. Following the 1976 earthquake, despite not having experienced any damage that would compromise the structural safety of the building, the complex was altered in order to comply with new anti-seismic regulations. These included the installation of a robust, invasive framework in reinforced concrete along the entire outer wall development, which has changed the appearance of this ‘rationalist’-styled building.


The client has asked us to include an auditorium, new toilet facilities and staircases to make the complex suited to the activities of local associations that are to be housed there.


Our project aims to:
- preserve the existing building, with interventions restricted to structural work, a widespread easing of weight loads, a roof refurbishment and the complete replacement of the engineering plant;
- complete a new block that will house the auditorium and expand the surface area of the first floor with a lift and stairway on the northern side;
- cover the whole building with a ventilated aluminium wall of high aesthetic quality.


The creation of a new image for the Health Centre is also linked to the functional requalification of the peripheral area in which it is located. This area is currently marked by the lack of architectural features of its public buildings and the difficulty of access from the Historical Centre. The restoration of the Health Centre can, therefore, be the first of a series of ‘actions’ that will reclaim the area or transform this complex into a ‘new centre’.

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