Batteria del Predil

Restoration project and development project

Tarvisio (Udine), 2015 - March 2016
End use: First World War monument, panoramic viewpoint
Surface area: 10.500 square metres of covered area on 2 levels
Status: Restoration work completed
Client: Municipality of Tarvisio (Udine)

The “Batteria di Passo del Predil” (Predil Mountain Pass Artillery Battery) built by the Military Genius of the Austro-Hungarian Army was inaugurated on 24 September 1899. It underwent some adjustments and improvements prior to the outbreak of World War I and was severely damaged by Italian artillery during the war. Further construction and adjustments were carried out during World War II.

The facility’s precarious state of conservation triggered the Municipal Administration of the village of Tarvisio to request a restoration project for the conservation and fruition of this architectural asset.

This conservation intervention proposes to safeguard the facility’s architecture with the objective of maintaining the historical building’s functions intact as well as its relationship with the surrounding area, its accessibility and the possibility of guarding the artillery battery and communicating with visitors (via intercom).

The solar-powered "technological blockhouse" located between the car park and the Batteria will be renovated to host services, charging stations for mobile phones and electric automobiles. It will also provide information about the area’s involvement in World War I and an intercom that visitors can use to request assistance from the staff at the nearby “Museo Storico Militare delle Alpi Giulie” (Historical Military Museum of the Julian Alps) in Cave del Predil – a subdivision of the village of Tarvisio.

New flooring will be installed, making it possible for the disabled to visit the Batteria. All guests will be able to reach outfitted observation points and admire the landscape of Lake Predil and the surrounding mountains.

The car park will also be equipped to provide information to tourists arriving from Slovenia.

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