Artigianelli Complex

Restoration of the façades

Venice, Italy, 2015
End use: Religious hospitality house
Assignment: Complete
Client: Religious Province San Marziano of Don Orione

In the interior courtyard of the Cultural Centre Don Orione Artigianelli’s cloister, the outer façade plaster, made of cocciopesto (fragments of earthenware or brick mixed with lime and sand), which was applied at different stages and with different techniques and materials, and the relief spandrel, originally made with lime mortar, had various areas where this plaster was missing together with leached or eroded surfaces.

The wall surface on the northern side, behind the cloister, was damaged and partially disintegrating, with extensive areas affected by an organic layer, some small interventions with concrete and large areas left untouched.
The Religious Province San Marziano of Don Orione, which had already entrusted us with the restoration of the complex in the 2000s, appointed our studio, together with the designated authority and subject to sampling, to lead the project to restore these façades.
Restoration work to consolidate the plaster and interventions to remove and wash the surfaces has been carried out on those areas where the plaster was badly damaged.
As for the stone sections, work was carried out where necessary, on those parts where disintegration was visible and the stone broken or at risk of collapse. This included structural adhesive recovery when detachment affected small surface areas, scaling and exfoliation by infiltrating epoxy and inserting several keystones.

Complesso Artigianelli, mappe per il restauro delle facciate | Studio C and CComplesso Artigianelli, mappe per il restauro delle facciate | Studio C and C