Spignon Lighthouse

Restoration and enhancement project

Malamocco entrance of port
Venice Lagoon, Italy, 2016
Intended use: tourism-accommodation facility
Dimensions: surface area 190 sq.m., existing volume 700 cu.m.
Status: Preliminary project completed
Client: Oltremare srl

Spignon is a small island on the Southern Lagoon of Venice, situated just west of the entrance of the port of Malamocco, on which, in the second half of the nineteenth century, a lighthouse was built that reached a height of 15 metres that was used to indicate to boats the entrance to the port of Malamocco. The complex consists of the ancient brick lighthouse tower and the marble spiral staircase, as well as an adjacent building with a rectangular floorplan. The entire structure has been abandoned and is in a precarious state of conservation.


In 2016, the Agenzia del Demanio (State Property Agency) issued a call for tenders called "Lighthouses, towers and coastal buildings" for the leasing, preservation and enhancement of disused public buildings. The buildings would have been able to accommodate a wide range of activities, from tourism and accommodation to cultural uses.


Our project has pursued four main directions: the restoration of the tower of the lighthouse and the typically Venetian perimeter quay, the demolition of unconnected artefacts, the restoration of the nineteenth-century layout and making its intended use for tourism and residential purposes.

The new architecture includes a comfortable residence for six people whose openings to the outside and the layout of the exterior spaces allow the view to span the entire arc of the horizon, to fully enjoy the particular environmental and natural character of the island. The new buildings (created to be compatible and reversible and using environmentally friendly and healthy materials) will fit nicely with the tower, hosting the plant needed to make the location self-sufficient and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

Faro Spignon, current situation | CandC architettura ingegneriaFaro Spignon, restoration and enhancement project | CandCFaro Spignon, restoration and enhancement project | CandCFaro Spignon, restoration and enhancement project | CandC