Fondamenta Novissima

Ecosestiere alla Giudecca 2020-2040

Venezia, Italia, 2016 - 2017
Intended use: conservationist restoration and building renovation, new construction, landscaping and regreening, energy production
Status: Master Plan completed
Client: Rete d’Imprese Filiera Veneta

The project is part of the Venice City Council programme called the "Interventions Plan" through which the Public Administration has initiated a consultation and participation process aimed at deepening knowledge of the needs of local communities and all stakeholders involved in the formation of the Plan.

“Fondamenta Novissima" is the name we have given to the project which is configured as a wide-ranging and homogeneous structure that experiments with new technical, economic, social and cultural models within the historic fabric of Venice, starting with the island of Giudecca.
The project aims to help stop the exodus of Venetians from the city by creating new and better living conditions, targeting and intervening on four thematic areas that correspond to the same critical issues faced by inhabitants: “environment and social relations", "accessibility and pathways", "renewable energy and clean air" and "residence and settlement".

Within a sample area, located on the eastern side of the island, a transformation workshop will be set up between 2017 and 2020 that will extend to the whole island through three successive Plans called "della Palanca", "del Redentore” and "delle Zitelle” in the period from 2020 to 2040.
The aim is to make Venice the city that has created the most advanced Eco district: the ECOSESTIERE.


The Network companies involved in the project are, in addition to CandC architettura ingegneria sas, GSE srl, Copertekno srl, Il Prato and Devizia Transfer spa, together with Aernova srl, MBTecnologie srl, Laguna Fiorita Social Cooperative, Orseolo Restauri srl and REIN srl.
Consultancy services have been provided by Bruno Bernardi, Professor of Business Economics at the University of Ca’ Foscari; Liri Longo, President of the Rio Terà dei Pensieri Social Cooperative, and Piero Pellegrini of the "Casa di Anna" Social Assistance Farm together with Engie Servizi spa and Larry Smith Capital Markets srl.
Luisa Flora, Officina delle Zattere (that promotes contemporary art in Venice), has outlined communications, Giovanni Pellegrini has produced the illustrated visual document and Claudia Corò has revised the cultural and technical content of the project in an artistic way.

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