Giudecca Garden Residence

Interventions: restructuring, new building

Venice, Italy, 2000-2004
Client: Gabriella s.r.l.
Dimensions: surface area of lot: 3,300 m2
Stage: completed

The area where this residential complex was built was once the site of a foundry for bronze and brass production, the warehouses of which were situated along the perimeter of the lot, leaving an extremely vast area free in the centre. Respecting the constrictions imposed by construction regulations, which do not allow any increase in volumetry, the new complex maintains this layout while also keeping most of the architectural side of the external frontage with the characteristic windows with segmental arch windows that were typical of industrial building at the beginning of the past century. Particular attention was paid to the typological study of the accommodation, with the aim of creating well-distributed residential units that all enjoyed glimpses and views of the external panorama. Thirty apartments were constructed in the five buildings, with a total volume of 9,682,000 m3 and are of different dimensions and kinds: some are just on one floor while others have two, and yet others have the night area on a split level. All have a small private garden or balcony overlooking the extensive open area that serves as a communal garden. A further distinguishing element is the duotones used for the entrances, pathways and buildings.