Giudecca Mare Residence

Intervention: restructuring, new building

Venice, Italy, 2003-2006
Client: Sviluppo 18 s.r.l.
Dimensions: Lot surface area 3,000 m2
Stage: completed

The new residential complex Giudecca Mare is situated on the southern side of the Giudecca island, overlooking the south lagoon. The presence of warehouses and sheds that have been abandoned for years posed the main restriction for the new construction since it had to respect the shape and volumetry of the existing structures. The result was the construction of a group of six buildings of different dimensions and heights, arranged in a U shape along the perimeter of the lot of land, encompassing a total of 18 residential units. The surface areas of these vary - ranging from 48 to 100 m2 - over one or two floors - but all with the presence of open areas looking southwards: private gardens or terraces that offer a spectacular view of the lagoon and islands.

The double-pitched roof and the brickwork structure are the elements that characterize the traditional Venetian nature of the residential complex while the roof covering in copper, zinc and titanium alloy, the painted windows, doors and shutters are all innovative elements.