Rio Terà dei Pensieri

Restoration and reconstruction project

Venezia, Italia, 2014 - 2016
Intended use: residential
Dimensions: surface area 600.00 sq.m, volume 2,000.00 cu.m.
Status: Definitive design completed
Client: Sviluppo 360 srl



The scope of the project concerns three buildings: an industrial shed built in the early twentieth century, already destined to be a craft workshop, profoundly degraded by recent interventions and today disused, and two recent buildings without foundations, unstable and in a poor state of conservation.

The restoration project involves reorganization and reconfiguration according to the original layout of the shed covered by a preservation order while, for the buildings facing the "rio terà" (a rio is a canal), demolition and reconstruction are planned, respecting the existing shapes.


The volume of the shed will be used for five lodgings, accessible from an internal private alley and adjacent to a large garden. Each lodging consists of a kitchenette and toilet on the ground floor and a bedroom with bathroom and storeroom in a loft above the ground floor. The surface areas are approximately 70 sq.m. and each lodging has been specifically designed to fit in with the existing layout (roofing trusses, etc.) and to ensure the best orientation and interior lighting.
The new-build volumes are geometric and rational and fit comfortably with the shed. They host three lodgings whose characteristics are similar to those housed in the shed.


In order to minimize heating requirements, advanced technologies for passive energy saving (thermal coating, etc.) and for heat production (high-efficiency inverter heat pumps of split water/air type, etc.) have been used. Each apartment has its own separate facilities.

Rio Terà dei Pensieri, current situation | CandC architettura ingegneriaRio Terà dei Pensieri, map of a housing unit, ground floor | CandCRio Terà dei Pensieri, map of a housing unit, mezzanine | CandCRio Terà dei Pensieri, section of a housing unit | CandC