Giacomo infelise

Giacomo Infelise was born in Venice and graduated in architecture from the Technical University of Prague in 2009 with a thesis on the redesign of the Bohnice district. He spent a year on an Erasmus exchange in Paris, at the ENSA Paris Val de Seine, before completing a BA degree at IUAV in Venice.

In 2010, he was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to investigate the adaptability of prefabricated buildings to their context at the Moscow Institute of Architecture (MARKHI).

He then worked on several projects for villas and residential districts on the outskirts of Moscow, public spaces in several towns in the Po Valley, the design of a stadium in a forest in French Guiana and also spent time in a coal mine in southern Siberia to analyse the functioning of its support structures.

Among several projects he has been involved in since working as a freelancer are the preparation of the winning design for the competition for the Remire Montjoly Eco-neighbourhood school complex in French Guiana (for Amarante Architecture) and the development of the French Space Agency CNES Launchers Directorate, Odyssée building, at the Guianese Space Centre (for Amarante Architecture).

Infelise won the competition for the new central core of Laives (Bolzano) in 2020, together with Aris Architects and Cecchetto & Associates.

Since 2019 he has been working with CandC. Among the projects taken on by the studio are the restoration of the entire Ca’ Bonvicini complex in Venice and the project to enhance the Sella Predil battery in the province of Udine.

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