We design for Historic Structures and Tomorrow's Society.

Since 1999 we’ve taken pleasure – yes, we mean it! – to return historic buildings and spaces to a contemporary use, ranging from large monasteries to small private properties.

Our workshop is an unparalleled historic center in the world – Venice. However, our activities extend beyond the city’s “calli” and we brought our passion and expertise to other places in Northeast Italy and abroad.

With more than 20 years of experience in conservation, requalification and redevelopment projects, we’ve become adept at extracting previously inconceivable spaces in structurally constrained conditions and to include new technologies without infringing the sacred rules of technique and quality dictated by Italian laws. Collaborating closely with clients to devise tailor-made solutions has become our daily bread and butter.

Over the years, our projects taught us a plain and often forgotten Truth: architects must not solely rely on aesthetic perceptions but also possess in-depth knowledge and stay abreast of the latest technological developments.

With this awareness and our wealth of experiences, we embarked on the challenging task of building two new housing structures on the island of Giudecca. Our aim was to demonstrate that it is possible to create contemporary, practical and stylish dwellings while complying with all the game rules imposed by Venetian authorities, building regulations and the Superintendent’s Office.

Judging by the the rapid sale of the houses and the owners’ satisfaction, we confidently say that we’ve achieved our goal.

With the same dedication, we are focusing on energy upgrades and earthquake mitigation, in compliance with recent regulation.

Giudecca Mare

Modernizing facilities and structures is not just a safety issue but also a matter of environmental and economic sustainability.

In this challenge, the true achievement for us architects is to contextually improve the living comfort of the existing spaces and give them new quality and appeal. We can pride ourselves that we mashed two, indeed three, potatoes with one fork.

One field that particularly appeals to us, as it allows for constant experimentation, is exhibition installations inside historical buildings, whether as permanent (museums) or temporary (exhibitions).

In our projects, we pay special attention to light management and the use of non-conventional material, shaping “tailor-made” concepts – including budget – for both public and private stakeholders.

Our persistent desire to stay up-to-date led us to establish a Business Network devoted to sustainability in tourism facilities, named Filiera Veneta, and to launch a book series that explores urban and architectural trends in and around Venice, titled “Venetian Perspectives”, published by Anteferma.


We like working as a team

Fulvio Caputo, C and C architettura ingegneria

Fulvio Caputo

Technical director, design coordination and construction management

Giacomo Infelise

Technical director, design coordination and construction management

Luisa Flora, C and C architettura ingegneria

Luisa Flora

Administrator, Cultural and heritage enhancement projects


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