Revitalizing the Architecture form the Past and Shaping its Futures.

Historic buildings, to endure the centuries, must constantly adapt to the changing needs and lifestyles of the society. We’ve embraced this necessity many times in our own work in Venice, a privileged laboratory for architectural restoration: in the past, the ancient palaces have undergone numerous transformations to suit the desires and requirements of new owners.
In over than two decades of activity, our portfolio boasts the revitalization of a diverse array of historic structures, ranging from small private properties to imposing palaces. As a result of this extensive experience, we have fine-tuned operational methods and tools to unlock the full potential of each property, achieving a delicate balance between functional, economic, and aesthetic considerations for our clients, while we “play” with bricks and mortar.

We have been successfully applying the skills cultivated amidst the Venetian canals in other geographical contexts, primarily in Northeast Italy.

Our interventions are guided by two fundamental principles:

  1. Philological Restoration: We prioritize the philological restoration of the original formal and constructive characteristics, preserving and renewing the materials through both traditional and innovative techniques.
  2. Seamless Integration of Technology: We design the integration of cutting-edge technological equipment, essential for contemporary activities, ensuring it harmoniously coexists with the historical and artistic identity of the building.