We design for historic structures and tomorrow's society

C and C was founded in 1999 with the mission of combining the respect for the historical buildings with the the necessity of enabling them to be used for contemporary purposes.

In more than 20 years of design and construction management, we have field-tested one of our beliefs: design cannot be reduced exclusively to formal options.


We are devoting ourselves to energy upgrading and seismic risk reduction projects.

The legislation’s objective is to have safer and more environmentally friendly buildings. Owners are looking for increased economic sustainability. We aim to also improve the quality of the existing.



How we spent (well) our time.

Historical buildings

Museum of the Great War in the Mountains

A museum set-up that carefully avoids giving the weapons and war relics a gloss of 'beauty' or glamour, leaving their poor material condition as a reminder of the violence, degradation and damage caused by war.
Historical buildings

Fort “Col Badin”

A First World War fort now houses a modern museum and comfortable guest house, bookshop, cafeteria and conference room. But every design choice emphasises its historical function as a war building.

“Giudecca Mare” residential complex

18 exquisite residences with sweeping terraces and private gardens, resurrected from a neglected Venice squero (shipyard). A fitness haven featuring gym equipment, sauna, Jacuzzi, changing rooms, and baths completes this urban oasis.

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