We don’t do sketches – or floor plans

Talking with friends, we came to realize that architects, in the public perception, merely conjure ‘a couple of sketches’.

Then, their professional contribution ends.

This oversimplified and misguided view has roots in various factors that experts may dissect.

The ‘idea of an architect is never just formal. It must be at once social, scientific and poetic.

We intend to do our part, however, to dispel stereotypes about our profession: we want to emphasize that we consistently invest time and effort into researching and crafting solutions that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional, safe, and sustainable.

Cablatura di Palazzo Franchetti, Venezia, 2004


  • Exploration of the Context: Each project begins with an on-site exploration, an experience that surpasses the capabilities of digital tools. While we leverage them extensively, nothing replaces the insight gained from a stroll on the actual site.
  • Dialogue With the Customer: Understanding our clients’ visions and needs is our primary focus. We see our role as partners in their journey of transforming or creating their private or business space.
  • Team of Specialists: We assemble a team of experts, ranging from legal and structural specialists to thermo-technical systems and home automation experts. This ensures a comprehensive examination of every facet of the project.
  • Study and design: at this stage of the process, we prepare plans and section drawings varying in scale and detail, 3D renderings, and technical reports. These materials serve the dual purpose of verifying the feasibility of our concepts and facilitating a collaborative discussion with the client.
  • Comprehensive assistance: Beyond the conceptual phase, we guide the client in selecting the construction company, provide counsel during contract drafting, manage the labyrinth of permissions from Public Administration, coordinate the construction site, monitor work progress and bookkeeping aspects, and handle all official authorizations until the final formalities.

At C and C, our work isn’t confined to ‘making sketches’ or ‘floor plans’.