In Monte Carlo's heart, our restoration and interior design crafted a one-of-a-kind apartment that seamlessly integrates the owners' 'Secession' furniture

Private house in Monte Carlo

Nestled in the heart of lively Monte Carlo, finds its place within an early 20th-century building, decorated with delicate and refined Art Nouveau elements.

C and C restoration project has not just transformed the apartment; it has given it a renewed essence. The interiors were meticulously crafted to meet the property’s functional needs while seamlessly embodying the building’s essence and showcasing the owners’ distinctive ‘Secession’ furniture.

The new internal layout maximizes southern exposure, creating a spacious living-dining area and a more intimate kitchen. On the opposite side of the house, the master bedroom features a walk-in wardrobe, a luxury bathroom and toilet. Two guest bedrooms complete the residence.


Each furnishing detail, from the living area boiseries to the suspended ceilings and textile coverings, pays homage to the building’s history. Various marbles like Silk Georgette, Arabescato Rosso Orobico, Nero Portoro, and Travertino Rosso adorn the surfaces. Passionate about contemporary and oriental art, the owners have added Tibetan doors, Chinese partitions, and precious jades to enhance the ambiance.

Electrical and special, plumbing and drainage, heating and air conditioning systems, all renovated, are managed by a sophisticated home automation system, heightening the living experience. An efficient air exchange and purification system have also been integrated.

Specially designed window frames provide exceptional insulation and resistance, ensuring both comfort and durability.

private apartment, 400 sqm
conservative restoration, technological upgrade, interior design
COMPLETED, 2015-2017