18 exquisite residences with sweeping terraces and private gardens, resurrected from a neglected Venice squero (shipyard). A fitness haven featuring gym equipment, sauna, Jacuzzi, changing rooms, and baths completes this urban oasis

“Giudecca Mare” residential complex

During a visit in the Zitelle parish on Giudecca island, at Calle Michelangelo end, we discovered an old shipyard, forgotten for decades, composed of six structures dedicated to boat crafting: the halls, the carpentry workshop, the warehouses and the boat launch slipway.

In compliance with Venice General Regulatory Plan, C and C project preserved the original volumes and reconstructed the interiors and facades.

Within these spaces, we created eighteen unique apartments. A dedicated fitness haven emerged, boasting bathrooms, changing rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, and cutting-edge gym equipment.

Diverse in size (48 to 120 sqm) and layout (on one or two internal levels), these residences feature open spaces, private gardens, or terraces offering breathtaking views of the southern lagoon and islands.

All installations, including electrical, plumbing, drainage, and HVAC systems, are state-of-the-art and brand new.

The renovation journey began with crafting a new lagoon-front embankment, a collaborative effort with the Magistrato alle Acque. Further enhancements included strategically placed concrete piles to fortify reinforced concrete frameworks, ensuring both vertical and horizontal structural stability.

The facades original style emphasizes the interplay of volumes and showcases contemporary architectural elements like generous windows, metal frames, sleek plaster, and metallic sheeting.

A unified zinc-titanium sheet metal roofing crowns the structure, embodying formal unity.

restructuring and new building
land area: 3,000 square metres, new building 11,000 cubic metres
Sviluppo 18 s.r.l.